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Originally designed for TRUST/GREX sequential transmissions in the 1990s. You can now feel the comfort and precision of our retro billet, CNC shift knobs. The new inner-screw inserts make installation height adjustable, simple and secure. The traditional knobs offer excellent comfort for both side and overhand grips.

Each GReddy CNC Stainless Shift Knob includes 3 of the most common thread sizes inserts to suit most Japanese manual transmission shifters. Compatible with 5 and 6 speeds with various gate patterns.

A01 General purpose High Type:

  • High Type” – where the shift knob sits higher up above the shifter threads (standard type shift lever, without reverse lock-out switch)
  • Anodized blue GReddy badge with o-ring
  • 5-speed MT cars and 6-speed MT cars where reverse unlocking is not related to knob shape
  • Shift lever screw size 3 types [M10 x P1.25] [M10 x P1.5] [M12 x P1.25] adapter screws are included.
  • Example of conformity(All 5-speed transmission vehicle, 6-speed like: [Toyota SXE10, Nissan S15, Z33, Z34, Mazda NB8, NCEC, ND5RC, SE3P, Honda AP1, AP2, FK, Mitsubishi CT9A, CZ4A (SST, etc.)

GReddy Traditional Diamond Shape Shift Knob – Polished:

  • Supports 3 types of genuine shift lever screw sizes (M10P1.25, M10P1.5, M12P1.25).
  • The mounting height can be adjusted. (with included jam nut and 8mm allan wrench)
  • Adjustable range: Type A01 approx. 30 mm / Type A02 approx. 15 mm
  • Highly rigid mounting with a metal adapter.
  • Five types of shift pattern decals included.

3 Included Threaded Adapters :

  • M10 x P1.25 – most Nis, Inf, Mit, & Maz
  • M10 x P1.5 – most Hon & Acu
  • M12 x P1.25 – most Toy, Lex, Sci, & Sub


  • Compatible with many Japanese manual transmissions(with included inserts)


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