Drinks & Snacks Menu

Daily Grind & Gears is always trying and adding new menu items all the time.

Hot Drinks

Cars and Coffee takes on a whole new meaning at Daily. We offer a grab and go or sit down drink options. 

Cold Drinks

Everything we offer hot is also an option cold. We also have a variety of sodas, water and specialty drinks 

Food & Snacks

Watch your favorite race with some snacks or treats. 

Hot Drinks

  • Coffee - Grab and Go

    Dark and Light Roast - One Size Large
  • Coffee - Sit and Stay

    1 Multicup French Press Coffee, 1 Cup, 2 Cookies & 1 Mint
  • Expresso

    Single Expresso Shot Hand Pulled
  • Hot Chocolate

    Milk Chocolate and Whip Cream
  • Hot Tea

Cold Drinks

  • Cold Press Iced Coffee

    Dark and Light Roast
  • Vietnamese Coffee - Grab & Go

    Served on Ice in Cup
  • Vietnamese Coffee - Sit & Stay

    Served Fresh Drip Table Style, Ice Water & Mint
  • Iced Tea

  • Peach Tea

  • Lemonade

  • Water

  • Red Bull

    Regular and Sugar Free
  • Monster Energy

  • Rockstar

  • Soda

    Coke, Root Beer, Ginger Ale


  • Coffee Ice Cream in Waffle Cone

  • Affogato – Expresso with Ice Cream

    Expresso Shot on Vanilla Ice Cream in a Bowl
  • Biscoff Cookies

  • Tofu Kimchi Snack

    Paldo Tofu Kimchi Snack (60g)
  • Trail Mix

  • Granola Bar

  • Candy

  • Mints