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Steering Wheel Hubs
A steering wheel hub is unique to each vehicle is and is required to install an aftermarket steering wheel.



Steering Wheel Quick Releases
Quick releases allow you to remove your steering wheel from you hub. Quick releases are optional and not required to install an aftermarket steering wheel. You still need a hub to install a quick release.



Steering Wheels
Aftermarket steering wheels come in different sizes and finishes. You need a aftermarket hub to install any aftermarket steering wheel. Steering wheels come in 3 main finishes Vinyl/Leather, Suede and Wood. Roundness is measured in mm and on the small end are 330MM for small vehicle, 350 mm for most sports cars and 360mm for more luxury and truck applications. Of course you can add any size of wheel to your vehicle to fit your style.



Steering Wheel Hardware
Not all aftermarket steering wheel come with the accessory hardware to install. These screws can be used to install the wheel to hub or quick release and also comes in different colors for an added touch.



All street vehicles are required by law to have a working horn.

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Steering Wheel Locks
Hub locks can be used for those looking for added security. These units are meant to quickly disable the hub. No more worries of someone simply replacing your steering wheel with their own to drive away with your vehicle. Hub locks are to be used with quick releases.

nrg innovations srk 201mb steering wheel quick release hub lock w keys version 2 38


Steering Wheel Quick Tilt
Steering Wheel Quick Tilt with Lock allows the steering wheel to tilt up and out of the way in one quick motion allowing for way vehicle entry and exit.

SRK 100BK 01 780x700 780x700 1024x1024


Airbag Resistors
Resistors to defeat Airbag Warning Light when removing airbags.

NRG SRK RES 1 800x
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