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[Sticky] Shift Knobs 101 & Tech Talk

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When we talk about replacing your shift knob we are generally talking about a vehicle with a Manual Transmission. Vehicles with Automatic Transmissions in some cases can be replaced. Keep in mind most manual shift knobs will not work with an Automatic Transmission as a lot of them have a shift lock button on them. Also a lot of Automatic Transmissions with shifter paddles can be replaced with larger, more racing style paddles. 

The weighted shift knob allows for smoother and faster shifting. A great upgrade for street use assisting the driver in stop and go city traffic.

ashiko base byo red translucent


Thermoplastic design for seamless shifts in any hot or cold weather environment. Comes in both weighted and non weighted styles.

mmsk tdp bk 2 1


Delrin material is impervious to heat and cold. Making it an excellent choice for racing applications and for daily driving in hot and cold climates. It is also not slippery and will not rattle like some metal knobs do. It also gives the driver the best connect feeling to the drivetrain.

creatur   delrin cover   black 1 1


Come in both threaded and non threaded types. Perfect for vehicle like BMW and Volkswagen that have non threaded shifter and also for those wanting a different shift knob to fit your shifter.

installation guide non threaded adapter


Shift Boot Retainer
Maintain your OEM look with our unique shift boot retainer. Keep your shift boot securely retained to the bottom of your shift knob.

boot retainer 2


Most Popular Shift Knob Sizes

M10 x 1.25

Nissan Mitsubishi Mazda (Manual )Subaru (Auto) Hyundai (13 -)

M10 x 1.5

Honda Acura

M12 x 1.25

Toyota Lexus Subaru (Manual) Ford

M12 x 1.5

VW Audi


BMW Hyundai (14+) Mini

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