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[Sticky] Harnesses & Harness Bars 101 & Tech Talk

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Harnesses come in 2" and 3" strap thickness and gives your different colors, mounting options and levels of safety for your project needs.


Quick Release Fastener
This style works best street applications and weekend racers.

0001442 2 inch 4pt snap in

Cam Lock Fastener
Cam lock style takes all the points of the harness and locks them into the center fastener. Most popular for competition seats, this style add more driver protection on a race track setting most commonly as a 6 point straps.

0002453 6 pt 3 steel

Bolt In Harness Mount
Using bolts too hard attach the harnesses to the flooring.

102772 add2

Snap In Harness Mount
Using an eye bolt too hard mount to the flooring but easy disconnect harness from bolt.

BeltEnd SnapIn

Harness Bar/Cage Harness Mount
These attaching system attaches your Harness straight to a harness bar or cage.

Brey R 1180.2

2" Strap Harness vs 3"

0001442 2 inch 4pt snap in


0002449 4 pt 3 550

3 Point Harness vs 4 Point, 5 Point and 6 Point

0000229 2 inch 3pt dbl rel


0001442 2 inch 4pt snap in




0002453 6 pt 3 steel

Harness Bars
Harness Bars come with reinforcement tubes on each side of the vehicle, which mount to the base of your B pillar and then connect to your Harness Bar. These tubes create extra reinforcement, which will eliminate vertical movement and keep the Harness Bar level at all times. While it is not recommended that you have rear seat passengers when using a harness bar, Harness Bars will allow you to retain most of the space in the back seat.


Harness Pads
Comes in 2" and 3" style and all colors. Help make harnesses more comfortable on the shoulders and neck.

s l500


Mounting Harnesses

TAKATA 4 1200x800


TAKATA 3 1200x800


614 mounting locations


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 ASM Anti Sub Marining Technology


The TAKATA asm® system offers a unique safety advantage for 4-point harnesses. asm® (the acronym for anti-submarining) significantly reduces the risk to submarine (sliding underneath the lap belt), a well-known phenomenon during frontal impacts. In a severe impact, an energy converter on the shoulder belt containing the asm system, releases an extra length of webbing allowing the upper torso to slightly rotate, which tensions the lap belt asymmetrically, thus preventing submarining under the lap belt. On the rebound phase with the upper torso out of alignment, your "butt" is planted firmly back into the seat similar to what you would experience with a 3-point factory belt.

A 4-point belt without asm® loads the shoulders and upper torso evenly on initial impact and allows the body to slide forward and under the lap belt portion of the harness. Severe injuries or death are possible using 4-point harnesses without the TAKATA asm® safety system.

The asm® system on all TAKATA DRIFT series belts are NOT compatible with HANS®. A HANS® device may be used with the RACE 4 harness belt.

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