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Mullen Benzinga Interview Video March 30 2022

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Talking Point Takeaways in order:

  • The excitement over Mullen the past few months? "We have a nice car, battery technology, and putting Americans back to work to create jobs making products we can be proud of."
  • Mullen FIVE - Missed Chance to talk about the Mullen FIVE EV technology, drive system, battery tech, safety and charging. Currently heavily focused on design and being sexy. David continues to be heavily interested in talking about the brakes. These are an off the shelf item you can put on a Honda Civic if wanted. Please talk about your EV tech David!!!!
  • No Mullen FIVE preorder amounts available to announce. 
  • No earnings to be announced. 
  • Mullen FIVE to use supplies domestically. No dependency of Chinese or foreign entities.
  • Restates about bring Jobs back to America.
  • Mullen to deliver Class 1 Vans in Q2 2022 to a major large company.
  • Vans to be assembled in Tunica, Mississippi
  • After stating large order changes to delivering pilot vehicles for Q2.
  • David seems really excited about the Van deliveries and press event coming. 
  • Missed opportunity to talk about the van specs themselves. 
  • Mullen raising money question asked. Mullen has 65M cash on balance sheet. No talk about raising more and moves to talking about how great the Mullen FIVE is. 
  • Q4 2022 for test drive the Mullen FIVE. Currently no drivable vehicle for public. 
  • Talks about DragonFLY first released in US 2019. Not currently for sale in 2022. 
  • DragonFLY to be brought to US and 100% American Made. 
  • Biggest Mullen Hurtle. US has complicated standards on Safety. Takes a lot of time to make a car 3-5 year process. 
  • Mullen FIVE to need all its certifications. 
  • Mullen FIVE to be delivered Q4 2024 and into 2025.
  • Mullen FIVE to have 350 miles of Range. Mullen website estimates 325 miles. 
  • Mullen FIVE prices are set not to change on the fly. Rivian punch...
  • Mullen in business over 10 years. 
  • States Mullen only other to homologate a vehicle besides Tesla via the Electric Coda Sedan purchase. Gained experience through challenges.
  • Mullen been developing battery tech for quite sometime. 
  • Department of Energy - No current funding after applied Jan 8 2020.
  • Mullen purchased the GreenTech Automotive facility now the Mullen facility in Tunica, Mississippi. 
    • GreenTech was founded in 2009 by Charles Wang
    • September 2014, GTA completed construction on a new production facility in Tunica County, Mississippi.
    • The company declared bankruptcy in February 2018.
    • Charles Wang after went to work for Saleen China
    • Saleen China Closed and Charles Wang Sued over investments, fraud and lost patents. 
  • Mullen had planned to build at the time the Mullen K50 at a new, from the ground up facility in Spokane, Washington
  • Mullen decided to build the Mullen Five (set for 2024 in a 3-5 year building process) but suddenly has EV vans set for delivery in Q2 2022. Mullen states plans changed.
  • Mullen to submit new application for funding to Department of Energy. 
  • Mullen needs more funding to complete entire plan to build new facilities. Earlier stated did not need more funding.
  • Q4 2022 funding to come if approved. 
  • Mullen states to be filing patents on battery tech. 
  • Mullen states Mullen batteries after 100,000 cycles have a 2% degradation vs lithium cell after 5,000 cycles having 80% degradation.
  • Mullen rumor of partnership with Apple or Amazon is just a current rumor. If real wait for press release but Mullen states EV vans going to large company with no press release. 





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